Study shows Apple, Amazon, and Dell take the top spots for mobile consumer satisfaction

Mobile Commerce

According to the results of a study performed by ForeSee, mobile shoppers were most satisfied with the experience provided by online retail giants Apple, Amazon, and Dell. ForeSee accumulated adequate data to achieve a solid and statistically reliable score for mobile satisfaction among the top 16 American online retailers. The score was based on 100 points and compared the mobile experience with that of the traditional web. There was a significant margin between Apple, which had the highest score, and Sears, which had the lowest among the top 16. Apple’s…

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eBay releases its annual “Top Shopped” list of items for 2011

mobile commerce and NFC technology

The largest online marketplace in the world, eBay, which also leads in mobile commerce, has released the results of its third annual report for the “Top Shopped” items for 2011, which ranks the pop culture trends and moments that brought about the most attention from shoppers. In order to assign the ranks, eBay performed an analysis of sales data based on the items that were purchased throughout the various categories of its marketplace, to identify the themes that were most interesting to the public this year. It looked into everything…

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Mobile optimized website puts Timberland in the m-commerce fast lane

Mobile Optimized Site

Timberland has taken a tremendous leap into mobile with its optimized site, which has been live since the end of August, as well as a number of live events which feature QR codes that provide enhanced information on products and will be starting on October 19, 2011. According to the Timberland North American commerce manager, Heather Frost, said that they’ve been paying attention to the information regarding mobile’s emergence for quite some time. She added that smartphones have “obviously changed everything quite dramatically and we felt that getting a mobile-optimized…

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Consumer opinion weighs heavy on NFC success

Mobile Consumers

NFC technology may be on the verge of causing yet another revolution in the mobile market. Contactless payments are a popular use of the technology, but its capabilities do not stop there. Google recently announced their new Google Wallet project, which seeks to leverage NFC technology for payments while storing user’s financial data within a mobile device. Citigroup, MasterCard and Sprint Nextel also have similar products planned for the future. There have been some concerns about security, however, as mobile devices are often the targets of cybercrime. Despite doubts regarding…

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