Facebook mobile commerce data shows a sweet future

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The social media giant’s statistics showed that smartphone based transactions are rapidly rising. Newly released Kantar and Facebook mobile commerce data revealed a sizeable trend toward smartphone transactions. Over the holiday shopping period, the social media giant recorded 51 percent of transactions from smartphone or tablet sources. This data included the period from November 1 through December 31 based on online transactions. During that same period in 2015, the same figure had been a notably lower 41 percent. As a whole, this Facebook mobile commerce data underscored the importance for…

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Report sheds light on trends in the mobile commerce space

mobile commerce trends report

Report aims to offer some foresight Timetric, a business information service firm, has released a new report that aims to provide some foresight into the mobile commerce sector. The report shows that mobile commerce has been experiencing impressive growth around the world, especially in countries where smartphone and tablet penetration is high. More consumers are beginning to rely on their mobile devices in their daily lives, which has exposed them to new forms of commerce that are based entirely on the mobile space. This has caused many businesses to take…

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Study shows Apple, Amazon, and Dell take the top spots for mobile consumer satisfaction

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According to the results of a study performed by ForeSee, mobile shoppers were most satisfied with the experience provided by online retail giants Apple, Amazon, and Dell. ForeSee accumulated adequate data to achieve a solid and statistically reliable score for mobile satisfaction among the top 16 American online retailers. The score was based on 100 points and compared the mobile experience with that of the traditional web. There was a significant margin between Apple, which had the highest score, and Sears, which had the lowest among the top 16. Apple’s…

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