M-commerce for travel doesn’t typically occur while on the go

M-commerce Travelers mobile apps

The majority of this type of shopping is occurring at home, says a study by ForeSee. The results of a study conducted by ForeSee have been released and have revealed a considerable amount of insight regarding consumer satisfaction while using m-commerce apps and websites for travel. It discovered that many users of these smartphone and tablet based services are not using them where expected. While many would expect that m-commerce would be used for travel shopping while the consumer is on the go, that is only true 12 percent of…

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Mobile commerce partnership formed between Branding Brand and ForeSee

Mobile commerce industry partnership

This new alliance will help to boost technology offerings for both companies. ForeSee has just announced the start of a new mobile commerce partnership with Branding Brand which will allow for the seamless integration of the services of both companies. These two businesses will complement one another as they obtain a better measure of customer experience. ForeSee is currently the worldwide leader in technology driven analytics regarding the customer experience. Branding Brand is among the top mobile commerce solutions platforms for powering both apps and optimized websites. This partnership will…

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Study shows Apple, Amazon, and Dell take the top spots for mobile consumer satisfaction

Mobile Commerce

According to the results of a study performed by ForeSee, mobile shoppers were most satisfied with the experience provided by online retail giants Apple, Amazon, and Dell. ForeSee accumulated adequate data to achieve a solid and statistically reliable score for mobile satisfaction among the top 16 American online retailers. The score was based on 100 points and compared the mobile experience with that of the traditional web. There was a significant margin between Apple, which had the highest score, and Sears, which had the lowest among the top 16. Apple’s…

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