Scanbuy study shows majority of marketers to adopt QR codes in the near future

QR Code Statistics

QR Code Statistics
The viability of QR codes in a changing market that is becoming more focused on mobility is much debated amongst marketers and companies looking to catch the attention of tech-savvy consumers. Scanbuy, a leading mobile barcode company, has released a new study concerning the matter. The study notes that, despite the rampant unfamiliarity of the codes amongst consumers, businesses are taking a keen interest in QR codes. Indeed, the codes are becoming so popular in the marketing world that the majority of advertisers may be using them in some way in the near future.

For the study, Scanbuy surveyed a number of businesses in various industries. The study found that knowledge of QR codes was almost universal and that 50% of the companies surveyed had already been using them in some way. The majority of these businesses – 86% — say that they will be using QR codes at some point in the next year. QR codes are not the only mobile barcodes that are gaining interest; many companies are also looking into Microsoft Tags and EZcodes.

More consumers are getting their hands on smart phones these days, which should translate into higher scanning frequencies of QR codes. Many consumers, however, are still unaware what the codes actually do. With news of malicious QR codes, consumers are beginning to avoid scanning codes that they do not recognize for fear that their personal information will be compromised.

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