QR codes partnership announced between AT&T and Scanbuy

Scanlife QR codes

The partnership is meant to help the wireless provider to increase its mobile engagement capabilities. AT&T has just announced that it is now offering new services through a partnership with Scanbuy, in which it is providing the ability for businesses to use QR codes in order to run mobile commerce campaigns that will provide a more relevant and engaging experience for their customers. This is one of a number of mobile engagements solutions that are offered through the new partnership. The new deal between Scanbuy and AT&T will allow for…

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USA TODAY newspapers feature AT&T QR codes

QR Codes in Newspaper

USA TODAY and AT&T are working together to help to provide an enhanced experience for news consumption, which includes printing QR codes onto the pages of the newspaper in order to allow readers to use their smartphones so that they may gain further information relating to the content and the latest news. Readers of USA TODAY can now use their devices in combination with a QR code scanning app – such as the free AT&T Code Scanner – to be redirected to additional interactive multimedia content. The partnership between the…

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Big waves being made in code marketing by two industry giants

Marketing and Tech experts believe that 2d barcodes will become sales tools as ubiquitous as Facebook or texting in the near future. As they begin to see more use, familiarity grows and they become integrated with everyday life. Because smart phones are becoming the tool of choice for just about everyone, the use of QR codes is becoming paramount to a business’s ability to compete in the field. “It’s something that adds value without costing customers too much,” said Michelle Beauchamp, assistant professor of marketing at Middle Tennessee State University.…

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