USA TODAY newspapers feature AT&T QR codes

QR Codes in Newspaper

USA TODAY and AT&T are working together to help to provide an enhanced experience for news consumption, which includes printing QR codes onto the pages of the newspaper in order to allow readers to use their smartphones so that they may gain further information relating to the content and the latest news. Readers of USA TODAY can now use their devices in combination with a QR code scanning app – such as the free AT&T Code Scanner – to be redirected to additional interactive multimedia content. The partnership between the…

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Are QR Codes The Golden Egg for Print Media

Technology has caused declines in newspaper revenues like those of which haven’t been seen in decades. With so many people going mobile and advertisers following suit, printed media has taken a hard hit.  Many people are discussing how much longer newspapers will be around; the consensus isn’t good. However, as technology caused much of the decline; technology is also playing a part in the rejuvenation of the printed word. Business Week, Fortune, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, are just a few of the printed media sources that have had…

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Read all about it! USA Today uses Microsoft Tags!

Headquarters for USA Today in Virginia

The USA Today newspaper has announced the use of Microsoft Tags, a 2d barcode that is said to be the next generation in QR. The newspaper will feature at least one of the codes in each of its print sections and will provide readers with direct access to videos and other online content. The codes will also link readers to photo galleries, sports scores, and financial news. Readers will also be able to sign up to receive updates through email or text message. David Hunke, president and publisher of USA…

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