QR code use among legal and medical professionals on the rise, according to Vizibility study

QR Code Legal Uses

QR Code Legal Uses
Vizibility Inc., a company specializing in personal and business branding, has released the results of their latest study concerning the adoption of QR codes. The 2d barcodes have been steadily growing in popularity amongst businesses since they made an appearance on U.S. shores in 2008. Recently, the number of legal and medical professionals using the codes has been growing. Vizibility’s study shows that the legal community has been adopting the codes at a rapid rate.

Attorneys from around the country are discovering the usefulness of QR codes and how they can be used to engage current and potential clients. Among legal professionals, the codes are most often used as a form of business card. When these codes are scanned by a smart phone, the attorney’s contact information is uploaded to the scanners mobile device, allowing them to quickly access this information via their contact list.

The study shows that 60% of those surveyed currently use QR codes in some way. Another 85% of legal professionals plan to use QR codes in the future either for personal branding or mobile marketing. Of those, 45% plan to begin utilizing the codes within the next 12 months. The study surveyed more than 100 law firms throughout the country, each representing attorneys from every level of the legal system.

QR codes are becoming a viable way for business professionals to present themselves to a world growing increasingly saturated with mobile technology.

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