QR codes central to Pernod Ricard responsible drinking campaign

qr codes pernod bottle

The company has used a massive quick response code to draw attention to its latest awareness effort. Pernod Ricard launched its Responsib’ALL Day campaign in a unique and mobile friendly way by using 210 square foot (64 square meters) QR codes to be able to encourage viewers to interact with its campaign. The company engaged more than 200 of its employees with the task of building the quick response code. The QR codes could be found in Cyberport, Hong Kong, in the outdoor Podium area. The massive barcode, when scanned,…

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Charlotte Fire Department adds QR codes for better communication

charity qr codes firefighter

The quick response codes have now been added to the department’s field communication cars. According to the communication center at the Charlotte Fire Department, there have now been QR codes applied to the field communication cars in order to better be able to connect with people. The benefit that they are hoping to gain from the quick response codes is in connecting with the citizens. These QR codes allow people to be able to scan the sides of the vehicles in order to discover more about the communications division as…

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QR codes in China can help job seekers to find employment

qr code stamp card

A wall of quick response codes at a Taiyuan job fair has been created to let people scan to find new positions. Though most people would think of QR codes as a barcode that is useful in print advertising for products and brands, some companies are now seeing the opportunity of advertising other types of offerings, such as job postings. This led to the printing of a wall of quick response codes at a job fair that was held in the Shanxi province in China. The Taiyuan Evening News reported…

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Snapchat uses QR codes to quickly add people as friends

Scan.me qr codes

The company’s recent acquisition of Scan.me has made it possible for these quick response codes to work. Recent reports have been made based on leaked emails during the recent hack at Sony that have revealed that Snapchat had acquired Scan.me, a startup company that provides the generation of QR codes, among other related features. Now, Snapchat has launched a new feature that it has called Snaptags, which allows barcodes to be scanned. Snaptags are designed to work as a type of unique form of QR codes that are generated for…

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QR codes from WeChat banned on the Weibo platform

WeChat app qr codes

As the rivalry between the companies rages on, quick response codes have become the next battleground. The popular Chinese social media network, Weibo, has now announced that its users will no longer be able to use QR codes and other forms of promotion for its primary rival, WeChat, on its platform. A statement from Weibo has revealed that it will be halting users from sharing WeChat quick response codes. The rivalry between these two Chinese platforms has been rapidly building recently and this statement against the ability to use the…

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