QR codes and NFC technology used on tags to determine value of a smartphone

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A giveaway event by Movaluate has been designed to increase awareness of the value of these devices. Movaluate has held a tag giveaway event that used QR codes in addition to NFC technology to help boost awareness regarding the value of smartphone devices that consumers are using every day. The service is a part of the overall reusing and recycling program offered by the company. By scanning the QR codes or using the contactless NFC technology on the tags, the user can gain access to fair market price reports so…

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Reports shed some light on the world of QR codes in Japan

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  QR codes becoming a popular subject for research As QR codes become more popular in the world of marketing, they are beginning to draw the attention of market researchers. The marketing industry is in a constant state of flux, with trends coming and going and stability being a rare phenomenon. Because of the increasingly prominent role of mobile marketing in the advertising industry, QR codes have become a subject of great interest amongst researchers. The codes originate from Japan, where they are widely used today, and the country has…

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QR codes forecasted to bring proximity-based action oriented marketing to $2.3 billion in 4 years

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QR code marketing campaigns paying off. Proximity based, action oriented marketing solutions saw an exponential growth to its demand last year, and a Smith’s Point Analytics report is now suggesting that it may bring this market to the $2.3 billion mark by the year 2016. The reason is that QR codes, NFC tags, and various forms of other two dimensional barcodes – combined with computer vision and other emerging technologies – are giving brands the ability to take advantage of all new channels for communicating with consumers through strategies based…

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Denso announces the release of a new free QR code guide

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DENSO Wave Incorporated’s sales branch in the United States, DENSO ADC, which first created the QR Code®, has announced the release of a new guide called “QR Code Essentials,” which it has made available for free. Senior manager John Doran, of the DENSO Sales California Inc. Commercial and Industrial Systems, said that from the time that these codes were first introduced in 1994, it has come to play an important part in virtually every industry in which barcodes are used. He went on to explain that as they have become…

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Scanbuy report shows the growth of QR codes throughout 2011

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Scanbuy, a leading 2D mobile marketing company, has released the latest results on the performance of several QR code campaigns that have formed over the past year. The report, called ScanLife Q3 2011 Trend Report, details how well QR code campaigns have fared and in what fields they have seen the most success. According to the report, the popularity of the codes amongst consumers and businesses has skyrocketed this year due to growing awareness of the codes and more effective marketing strategies. The report shows that in the third quarter…

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