Marvel teams with Aurasma to make interactive digital comics

Marvel Augmented Reality

Marvel Augmented Reality

Acclaimed comic and entertainment company Marvel has announced a partnership with augmented reality developer Aurasma this week. Marvel has taken a keen interest in the advent of augmented reality technology and how consumers are responding to the new interactive platforms it has spawned. As such, the company hopes to provide fans with an engaging experience with its new line of comics, called “Marvel Infinite Comics.” This new line is designed specifically for digital viewing and will be using the Aurasma platform to make the story interactive.

The print world has experienced a fall in support from consumers due to the prevalence of electronic media. This is true for the comic industry as it is with any other. Marvel has long been an advocate of adapting to changes in the needs and wants of its fans. As more people become interested in augmented reality and what it can provide, Marvel has taken a step to ensure that its comics evolve to provide fans with the experiences they are coming to expect.

Marvel Infinite Comics will initially only be available for the iPhone and iPad. Using the Infinite Comics application, owners of these mobile devices will be able to read the comics and interact with 3D displays of the characters in each story. Marvel believes that augmented reality has created a new way to tell stories and will continue to pursue the technology well into the future. The company showed off the first few panels of its new line of comics at the SXSW conference in Texas.

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