Tesco embraces augmented reality

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Updated application taps into the power of augmented reality UK retail giant Tesco has made an update to its Tesco Discover application. The application was designed to improve the shopping experience for consumers and has been relatively popular among tech-savvy people throughout the United Kingdom. Now, the application will leverage augmented reality to further enhance the shopping experience. Using the application, shoppers will be able to access a wide range of dynamic augmented reality content that is designed to provide consumers with information and entertainment. Mobile shopping is becoming commonplace…

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Metaio develops augmented reality application for Google Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Augmented reality application is a first for Glass Augmented reality firm Metaio has developed the first authentic AR application for Google Glass. While Glass has yet to be officially released, developers all over the world have been creating applications for the platform to prepare for its launch in the near future. Metaio is one of these companies and is keen to take advantage of Glass’ proclivity for augmented reality. The new application from the firm is meant to be a fully hands-free vehicle maintenance manual. App creates a hands-free maintenance…

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Doctors use augmented reality to perform surgery

Augmented reality in art

German surgeons perform surgery with the help of augmented reality Surgeons from the Asklepios Hospital on Hamburg-Barmbek, Germany, have successfully performance liver surgery with the help of an iPad and an augmented reality application. While this may not register as a major medical breakthrough, it does show that augmented reality technology is beginning to move away from the field of advertising and entertainment. The technology has been restricted to these two fields for several years due to its aptitude at engaging consumers in a dynamic and interactive way. AR app…

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Augmented reality application launched by Häagen-Dazs

haagen dazs augmented reality food marketing

Ice cream-maker launches augmented reality concerto Acclaimed ice cream-maker Häagen-Dazs has released a new augmented reality application. The application is called “Concerto Timer” and is meant to provide consumers with a virtual violin concerto while they wait for their ice cream to reach an ideal temperature and consistency. The virtual melody lasts for two minutes, the time Häagen-Dazs suggests it takes for ice cream to achieve an ideal state. This virtual concerto can be activated by using the application to scan the lid of Häagen-Dazs products. Augmented reality could have…

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Audi A3 comes with an augmented reality manual

audi augmented reality manual

Metaio and Audi team up to launch augmented reality manual for A3 Metaio, a leader in the augmented reality field, has teamed with German automaker Audi to produce an interactive manual for the Audi A3. The manual has several augmented reality experiences embedded within its pages, all of which can be accessed through the Audi eKurzinfo application. The application is designed to provide users with a dynamic view of the manual’s contents and could help consumers decipher the information that is contained within the manual itself. AR application can recognize…

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