Social Passport seeks to raise the bar on consumer loyalty programs by incorporating QR codes and NFC tags

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Social media and customer loyalty program have enjoyed a favorable union for several years. These customer loyalty programs often come in the form of daily deals and offers to consumers. The idea quickly grew in popularity amongst consumers, but businesses are now questioning its merit as the market becomes over saturated. Indeed, a significant number of businesses are adopting customer loyalty deal schemes, making it difficult to justify the return-on-investment and effectiveness of these programs.

As companies question the value of these programs, Social Passport, a real-time social networking company, is offering an alternative. The company is now trying to draw more attention to its new Social Loyalty Tool, which aims to enable companies to use QR codes and NFC tags in stores as a way to engage consumers. Conventional loyalty programs are one-dimensional approaches to engagement. The majority of these programs can be found online, but Social Passport believes that adding physical gateways to discounts would be more successful.

Both the QR codes and NFC tags associated with Social Passport will be linked to a wide variety of deals and special offers from the businesses that are using the platform, rather than a limited number of options that are common with other loyalty programs. Social Passport also boasts of robust security features that are likely to appeal to businesses that have grown wary of using QR codes because of the advent of counterfeit codes.

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