Augmented reality used by Canadian University students for nostalgic experience

augmented reality maple leaf gardens canada

The legendary Maple Leaf Gardens has been digitally recreated through the use of AR technology. A team of five students from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, have used an augmented reality app in order to recreate the experience of the former Maple Leaf Gardens and its best moments throughout history, for the visitors of its current location. The building is the site of the previous home to the city’s NHL and NBA teams, among others. The base of the experience was constructed using Aurasma, the British photo recognition software that…

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Augmented reality will change the way the publishing world operates

Augmented Reality Rubik cube

The entire industry could be revolutionized through this cutting edge mobile technology. Augmented reality is still in its infancy, but it is starting to make its way into mobile marketing and products that attract the use of consumers. Apps that use the technology are starting to make its use far more commonplace. A number of different companies are coming up with their own unique angles to using augmented reality, providing apps with a series of different types of features and possibilities. Among them, Aurasma is currently leading the market, though…

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Augmented reality political campaign used in Kenya

  The prime minister is using mobile technology as he runs for president of the country. Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has announced that he is using mobile marketing in the form of augmented reality through Aurasma, in order to help to boost his campaign for president of the country. There are now over 100 different countries that are using Aurasma’s services and technology. Although QR codes were widely used in campaigns during the American presidential election, Kenya is leading the way by taking mobile technology a step further in…

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Augmented reality special edition to be released on “Far Cry 3” covers

Augmented reality-Aurasma

Three successive publications in the U.S. will let fans interact with printed magazine pages. Leading gaming and technology media property producer, Future US, has announced that it will be releasing three special edition augmented reality covers for “Far Cry 3” in a row, which will give fans the chance to get more out of the experience through the use of their smartphones. The covers will be on PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, and PC Gamer. Each of those three magazine print covers will feature cutting edge augmented reality…

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New augmented reality applications coming from GQ Magazine

GQ Live Mobile App

Magazine sets sights on augmented reality GQ Magazine, one of the world’s leading fashion and men’s publications, has taken a keen interest in augmented reality applications. Like others in the print industry, GQ has struggled to compete with technology of various kinds. Though the magazine has fared relatively better than others, there is still a need for the publication to incorporate interactive technology. The magazine has made use of QR codes in the past in the hopes of connecting with readers, an initiative that had proven somewhat successful. Now, the…

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