ERA Real Estate adopts augmented reality to connect with potential homebuyers

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Augmented reality has gained a foothold in the real estate industry. The industry has been growing more attuned to technology over the past few years, attempting to utilize emerging technologies to catch the attention of potential clients who are inseparable from their mobile devices. Realtors were one of the earliest users of QR codes. The popularity of the codes today is partly due to the extensive use they saw in the real estate industry. Though augmented reality is already quite popular, realtors may be able to find new ways to utilize the technology.

New Jersey-based ERA Real Estate has launched a new mobile application that is made to give prospective homebuyers a way to see a property without having to set foot inside of it. Using the smart phone’s camera, the app is able to construct a virtual representation of the interior of a home. Users of the app will be able to take virtual tours through the property and will even be able to change the colors of the walls and rearrange some of the furniture within the house.

ERA Real Estate believes that augmented reality will help the company expand into new markets by enabling realtors to connect with a wide range of consumers. QR codes were successful in this endeavor when they were extensively used, proving that potential homebuyers are willing to engage in interactive advertisements. ERA hopes to mimic the success seen in QR codes with the use of augmented reality.

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