ERA Real Estate adopts augmented reality to connect with potential homebuyers

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Augmented reality has gained a foothold in the real estate industry. The industry has been growing more attuned to technology over the past few years, attempting to utilize emerging technologies to catch the attention of potential clients who are inseparable from their mobile devices. Realtors were one of the earliest users of QR codes. The popularity of the codes today is partly due to the extensive use they saw in the real estate industry. Though augmented reality is already quite popular, realtors may be able to find new ways to…

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Realtors looking to augmented reality to further connection with consumers

Mobile Marketing for Realtors

In the U.S., the real estate industry has benefitted much from adopting mobile technology. A few years ago, realtors began utilizing data matrix codes known as QR codes. These codes enabled realtors to connect with potential home buyers without the need for physical presence. After seeing great success with the codes, some real estate companies are looking to further their use of mobile technology and have set their sights on augmented reality. At last week’s Real Estate Connect conference in New York, Claire Boonstra, co-founder of Layar, a leading augmented…

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Mercedes-Benz enters the mobile augmented reality market with new app

Augmented Reality car

Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing number of automakers that are developing mobile augmented reality applications. Automakers are showing interest in the technology because it opens up a new avenue of consumer engagement. Because of the widespread use and ownership of smart phone, the mobile application market has proven to be more than just a passing fancy for consumers. Today, companies not developing mobile apps may be missing a major opportunity. The manufacturer has developed an app for the iOS and Android platforms that allows smart phone users to take virtual…

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Sotheby’s launches new QR code campaign for their high-profile properties

Sotheby's International New York Office

QR codes have been popular amongst realtors. In fact, it was small realty companies that first began using the codes in the U.S. Since then, the codes have spread and become a must-have for companies seeking to edge out their place in the burgeoning mobile marketing empire. Big-name realtors have been slow to adopt the barcodes, with many taking their time to analyze the performance of the codes rather than jump in to the deep end of the marketing pool. Sotheby’s International has just launched a new campaign using QR…

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Augmented reality takes virtual tourism to a new level

Augmented Reality Travel App

Many wish that they could travel more but are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Augmented reality may hold the solution, as Tour Wrist, a mobile marketing company offering high-quality virtual tours, is eager to show with its latest mobile application. Virtual tours are quite popular in the real estate business. Indeed, Tour Wrist has worked in that industry for several years, providing highly detailed tours. The company’s app, bearing the same name as the company itself, will not be showing off tours of homes. Rather, smart…

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