Report shows growth of mobile advertising revenue

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Mobile advertising exhibits strong growth in 2013

Market research firm eMarketer has released a new report concerning the growth of mobile advertisement revenue. As the mobile sector continues to mature, advertisers are finding better ways to engage consumers through their favorite platforms. Companies like Google, which have a high stake in the mobile advertising space, have been working to provide marketers with ways to reach out to consumers to make certain social media sites, mobile applications, and other platforms more attractive to advertisers.

Google expected to account for majority of mobile ad revenue this year

The report from eMarketer predicts that mobile advertising revenue will reach $16.65 billion by the end of this year. Google will account for the majority of this revenue, just as it has for the past several years. This is partly due to Google’s strong position as the Internet’s premier search engine. The company has a prolific mobile presence that ensures consumers have something to do with Google nearly every time they access the Internet. For advertisers, this is an attractive notion, and many seek to market to consumers using Google’s various online outlets.


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Mobile AdvertisingFacebook makes strong progress in the mobile ad sector

The report does show that Google may see competition in the mobile advertising space come from an unlikely source. Facebook has been slowly gaining momentum as a promising advertising platform for years and is expected to show exceptional growth in mobile ad revenue this year. The report shows that Facebook has seen a 15.8% increase in ad revenue this year alone, largely due to heavily revised monetization strategies and the fact that its mobile user base is growing steadily.

Global revenue grows as mobile technology expands

Global mobile advertising revenue has grown by 89% this year, which may be part of the reason behind Facebook’s recent success in this sector. Revenue is showing strong growth due to the expansion of mobile technology. More consumers are getting their hands on smartphones and tablets, which exposes them to mobile advertising.

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