Mobile marketing paid search in Australia heading upward

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According to the latest predictions, the market should reach the $430 million mark this year.

According to the latest report from Telsyte, a technology analyst firm, mobile marketing through paid search is growing very quickly, and that almost 30 percent of paid links are being served to consumers using tablets and smartphones.

The report also determined that paid search was growing at an extremely rapid rate.

In fact it stated that this form of mobile marketing was increasing at a compound quarterly rate of 17 percent. This suggests that it may be among the advertising mediums in Australia that are experiencing the most rapid growth each quarter. It has also predicted that by the end of this year, the market will have reached $430.

mobile marketing search advertising spendingWhen it comes to the full paid search market, the amount paid for mobile marketing is nearly a quarter of the total.

Mobile marketing’s paid search currently holds a share of nearly 25 percent of the complete market, which currently stands at an estimated $1.74 billion in Australia. If this is the case, it indicates that search advertisers appear to be responding to the changing preferences of their audiences. They are taking note of the fact that many consumers are now performing their searches over tablets and smartphones, and that these are the devices where a growing number of ad listings will be appearing.

Since more Australians are shifting their online habits to include smartphones and tablets, as well as their desktops and laptops, it means that mobile marketing companies should – and clearly are – responding to that trend. Foad Fadaghi, a research director from Telsyte, has explained that as of yet, there is no clear picture regarding the spending on and consumption of smartphone and tablet based search advertising in Australia. He said that “Notwithstanding the difficulties in measuring mobile search, many advertisers are serving their search ads on tablets and smartphones by default following changes to Google’s targeting options.”

Fadaghi also went on to speak on this mobile marketing subject by saying that search advertising over this channel is growing much more rapidly than the majority of observers are aware. Therefore, the company has created the report in order to assist marketers in building a better understanding of this notable trend.

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