Facebook mobile ads drive social network’s revenue to $12.97 billion

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Advertising sales for smartphones and tablets has generated a powerful growth for the company. Facebook mobile ads sent the social network’s revenues considerably higher as the company reported it brought in $12.7 billion in Q4 2017. That figure represents a year over year growth of 47 percent over the previous fourth quarter’s $8.81 billion. The Facebook mobile ads revenue made up about 89 percent of the total earnings the company generated in the fourth quarter. In 2016’s last quarter, mobile advertising sales represented about 84 percent of total revenues. The…

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Mobile advertising in the United States saw a shocking growth rate last year

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Though it didn’t come as a surprise that marketing over this channel would rise, it was the amount that astounded. The results of an Interactive Advertising Bureau study are in and they’ve revealed that mobile advertising composed the largest segment of online ad revenue, having made up 35 percent of the total $59.6 billion in the U.S. It appears that mobile marketing has been lit on fire and managed to grow by 66.1 percent throughout 2015. This brought the total up from 2014’s $12.45 to a much more substantial $20.68…

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Mobile advertising revenue grows 165 percent for app developers

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Nexage has reported that those using its marketplace have seen tremendous increases in their earnings. According to a recent statement released by Nexage, the app developers that have been using its mobile advertising marketplace have experienced an average revenue growth this year of 165 percent when compared to last year. That said, they also reported that this rate of growth is double the increases that has been experienced by the market. Therefore, while it states that those using its marketplace for mobile advertising have reached astounding revenue growth rates, this…

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Mobile marketing spending is booming

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Mobile ads are becoming more popular A new report from eMarketer, a leading market research firm, suggests that mobile ad revenue has begun to show a dramatic rise. Mobile marketing has become quite popular due to the fact that any consumers are now heavily reliant on devices like smartphones and tablets. These consumers have become relatively resilient to conventional marketing strategies, which has forced many companies to adopt mobile marketing in order to boost their relevance with a new kind of consumer. Spending to reach $14 billion by 2014 According…

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Report shows growth of mobile advertising revenue

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Mobile advertising exhibits strong growth in 2013 Market research firm eMarketer has released a new report concerning the growth of mobile advertisement revenue. As the mobile sector continues to mature, advertisers are finding better ways to engage consumers through their favorite platforms. Companies like Google, which have a high stake in the mobile advertising space, have been working to provide marketers with ways to reach out to consumers to make certain social media sites, mobile applications, and other platforms more attractive to advertisers. Google expected to account for majority of…

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