Mobile marketing may soon look to India for trends

India mobile marketing trends

The country’s population of over one billion could soon help to dictate the direction taken by marketers over that channel.

India is well known as one of the countries in the world that has the fastest population growth and, at the same time, it is now also being seen as the location where future mobile marketing trends will likely find their start.

This announcement was made by the MMA’s Asia Pacific’s managing director, Rohit Dadwal.

The APAC branch of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) stated that the mobile marketing environment in India has now “matured” and that it will be rapidly moving forward from now on.

India mobile marketing trendsAlthough mobile marketing in India is similar to that in the rest of the world, it does have its differences.

He stated that “As far as mobile marketing goes, India is similar to the rest of the world, but still very different.” He said that there is not a great difference in the channel, and the final purpose remains the same: building a brand, bringing in new customers, and retaining existing customers. However, he also added that “how we implement the same is different because of social and economic parameters.

Dadwal explained that he expects that the ad dollars spent over mobile marketing in India will never be comparable to the spending in the United States. However, he pointed out that it will be the countries like India that will set the trends that will then be followed in the countries where the greatest spending actually takes place.

It is his belief that the use of mobile marketing among India’s local business owners and other smaller companies who don’t have large budgets for advertising will continue to enjoy the benefits of a more “level playing field” that has been provided by the various smartphone and tablet advertising channels. These channels are making it possible for businesses of all sizes to be able to afford to take part and reach consumers.

He concluded that when it comes to mobile marketing, it is certainly becoming part of the greater budget, instead of being an expense that stands on its own.

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