Mobile marketing drives digital ad spend skyward

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As a growing number of consumers look to smartphones and tablets advertisers will soon spend as much on computing devices as TV. According to the results of recent study conducted by the media research unit of Interpublic Group of Cos, Magna Global, mobile marketing is going to be an important driver of spending on digital advertising. This will cause spending over digital channels to rise by 15 percent, by the end of next year. Social media campaigns and mobile marketing will also send this spending even higher, to the point…

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SMS mobile marketing is declining in the Middle East

sms marketing Mobile user acquisition costs

Overall texting is trending downward in that region as consumers look for cheaper solutions to communicate. Though communicating over smartphones has never been as popular or as common as they are today, consumers in the Middle East are steering away from traditional texting and the costs associated with it, causing SMS mobile marketing to have its effectiveness placed at risk in that region. Consumers are looking for messenger services that are cheaper or come with no cost at all. According to newly published reports, texting is on the way out…

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Mobile marketing costs are rising, says Fiksu

mobile marketing data ROI

This channel is becoming more expensive, as per the latest statistics from November. According to Fiksu, a user acquisition and marketing firm, and its most recent Cost per Loyal User and App Store Competitive Indexes release, mobile marketing costs are on the rise, as is the price tag associated with app downloads. This data is significant as it is seen as the effect of the upcoming holiday season on expenses. The app download and mobile marketing costs indexes are considered to be a reflection of the start of the actual…

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Mobile marketing to bring in $400 billion in two years

Mobile marketing loyalty

A new infographic from Adrants is suggesting that promotions and advertising over this channel are skyrocketing. Though there has been a great deal of controversy over the effectiveness of mobile marketing and what kind of return on investment it can be expected to generate, the channel is continuing to grow in popularity as companies continue to spend in order to attempt to reach out to smartphone and tablet toting consumers. The statistics are now clearly showing that the size of the industry is growing tremendously. This also shows that mobile…

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Mobile marketing paid search in Australia heading upward

mobile ads spending marketing

According to the latest predictions, the market should reach the $430 million mark this year. According to the latest report from Telsyte, a technology analyst firm, mobile marketing through paid search is growing very quickly, and that almost 30 percent of paid links are being served to consumers using tablets and smartphones. The report also determined that paid search was growing at an extremely rapid rate. In fact it stated that this form of mobile marketing was increasing at a compound quarterly rate of 17 percent. This suggests that it…

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