Mobile marketing may soon look to India for trends

India mobile marketing trends

The country’s population of over one billion could soon help to dictate the direction taken by marketers over that channel. India is well known as one of the countries in the world that has the fastest population growth and, at the same time, it is now also being seen as the location where future mobile marketing trends will likely find their start. This announcement was made by the MMA’s Asia Pacific’s managing director, Rohit Dadwal. The APAC branch of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) stated that the mobile marketing environment…

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Augmented reality marketing beginning to take off around the globe


Advertisers becoming enamored with interactive technologies Augmented reality marketing is beginning to pick up momentum amongst advertisers. Traditional advertisements – those that are often static in nature – have long been the staple of the marketing industry. With the world becoming more tethered to technology of various types, consumers have begun to change. Now, static advertisements are not considered to be the best way to reach out to a new generation of consumer, many of whom have steeped themselves in mobile technology. Thus, interactive technologies such as augmented reality are…

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Mobile commerce in India is quickly making its mark

India Mobile Commerce

Mobile phones may have started as voice communication devices, but today they are much more about multi tasking than just talk or text, according to data released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. In India, as mobile handset prices continue to become more affordable, and disposable incomes continue to grow, consumers are replacing their handsets with much greater frequency. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) released a statement that said currently, the country holds the position as second fastest market for telecom…

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Missed calls are a new form of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

A start-up company called ZipDial, which is based on Bangalore, has been using a unique new technique surrounding the missed call in order to maximize the potential of their mobile marketing. Though most mobile marketing firms have been placing the vast amount of their attention on mobile games, SMS, mobile ads, and VAS, ZipDial has discovered that using missed calls allows customers to be contacted for free and quite effectively. The company was created in February 2010 by Sanjay Swamy, Valerie Rozycki Wagoner, and Amiya Pathak. Its primary goal is…

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Asian marketers are getting the most out of SMS techniques

Asia Mobile Marketing

Though there are many different mobile marketing techniques being used throughout Asia, from games to apps, it is SMS that is reaching virtually every person with a cell phone, regardless of the model. Some experts are starting to think that brands in the west can learn from this lesson when they launch their Asian mobile marketing campaigns. For example, director of international media Gavin Mehrotra, from Coca Cola Company stated at the MMA Forum in Singapore,that the top priority for mobile at Coca Cola is SMS, as its reception from…

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