Augmented reality marketing beginning to take off around the globe



Advertisers becoming enamored with interactive technologies

Augmented reality marketing is beginning to pick up momentum amongst advertisers. Traditional advertisements – those that are often static in nature – have long been the staple of the marketing industry. With the world becoming more tethered to technology of various types, consumers have begun to change. Now, static advertisements are not considered to be the best way to reach out to a new generation of consumer, many of whom have steeped themselves in mobile technology. Thus, interactive technologies such as augmented reality are gaining favor in the marketing business.

Augmented reality considered a marketing tool on part with QR and NFC

Marketers have been growing increasingly interested in using technology to reach out to consumers. QR codes and NFC tags have become popular options for this endeavor and have been moderately successful. The demand for more interactivity is growing amongst consumers, however, as they are becoming fully aware of what their mobile devices are capable. Thus, consumers have begun looking out for interactive experiences that can be initiated with nothing more than their smart phone or tablet device.


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Demand for interactivity spurs advertisers to make use of new technologies

The rise in demand for interactivity has given advertisers an opportunity to connect with consumers in a dynamic way. Augmented reality marketing is the latest trend in the marketing industry’s effort to provide consumers with engaging content while still selling them on a particular brand or product. The concept of augmented reality marketing has been gaining traction all over the world, particularly in India, where augmented reality technology has been gaining more exposure recently.

Tribal DDB shows how effective augmented reality marketing can be

India’s Tribal DDB, a conglomeration of agencies focused on interactive technologies for the Internet and mobile devices, has been a leading force in augmented reality marketing in the country. The agency network has developed several innovating augmented reality marketing campaigns. The latest of these campaigns was for McDonald’s Spice Fest initiative, which attracted consumers throughout the country to participate in an interactive campaign that went viral on the Internet.

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