Mall giant releases QR code campaign giving shoppers what they want!

QR Code Linked to Coupons

QR Code Linked to Coupons

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) has announced that they will be using QR codes as part of their new initiative to boost their digital media presence. The codes will be featured on a multitude of print advertisements, flyers and other materials. The codes will help smart phone users navigate PREIT’s 40 shopping centers. When scanned, shoppers will be able to find detailed information, including sales and upcoming events.

Each shopping mall will have a mobile website and will be updated regularly by PREIT. The sites will be linked to the mall’s social media presence. PREIT will announce special sales and events through Facebook and Twitter. QR codes will be included in these announcements, linking to electronic coupons that can be at a variety of stores within the malls.

PREIT will also be using the codes on leasing materials. These codes link to PREIT’s leasing website where prospective tenants can find information on property. The group believes that the codes will serve well as a means for quick and easy information distribution.

A number of similar initiatives are still in development. The group has plans to release a mobile application later this year which will act as both an interactive tool for shoppers and a QR code scanner. PREIT has hopes that QR codes will not only enhance the shopping experience, but will also foster a digital community that can benefit from constant engagement with businesses.

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