QR codes in Seoul sidewalks and subways provide visitor assistance

South Korea qr codes

South Korea qr codesThese South Korean quick response barcodes provide help such as a handy guide to the commuter trains.

The city of Seoul, South Korea is using mobile technology in the form of QR codes in order to make itself more friendly to tourists, who can now use their smartphones and tablets to obtain visitor information such as the most recent subway guide.

These barcodes were already being added to the now hyper famous neighborhood of Gangnam.

The QR codes from the neighborhood made globally recognizable by PSY’s tremendously famous song are now spreading outwards to help in other areas of the city, as well. The barcodes have previously been found on posters and bus shelter ads throughout Korea. However, they are now appearing right in the pavement for the first time. This makes them easy to find and to access by pedestrians who are visiting the city.

Scanning the QR codes provides tourists with helpful information about their current area.

Tourists who use their smartphones to scan the QR codes can find information about public transportation – including the subway system – but can also learn about various attractions and other points of interest that they may not want to miss while they’re in the area. Much of the content of the website to which the device users are redirected has been taken from brochures that have been available in print form about Garosu-gil, Gangnam, and other areas that surround COEX.

The QR codes were chosen because they are extremely inexpensive to use, they are highly recognizable by mobile device users, and they provide quick and easy results. When the barcode is scanned, the results are available in Japanese, English, and Chinese. They also provide a wide variety of information about the local shopping areas and the restaurants that can be found nearby. Both information and directions are provided.

The Seoul Subway Travel Guide, which includes the Lines 1 through 8, have been published online specifically to assist people to better use this system. They are also available through the QR codes and have been translated into four different languages, including English, so that visitors will find it easier to make their way around the city.

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