Special QR code packaging to improve product security

QR code packaging - QR Code on color grid with magnifier

A Korean company seeks to patent a new QR code printing technology. Anycos a company based in Korea that manufactures plastic packaging materials for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, has developed a high speed printing technology for QR code packaging. The company is now seeking a patent for the high-speed printing tech that helps to prevent copycat products. Anycos’ quick response codes help to provide authenticity tracing. Korea’s market for plastic packing has increased due to the upswing of online shopping, home deliveries and home meal replacements. In fact, according to…

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QR codes allow health fees and U-bills to be paid in Korean convenience stores

QR codes mobile billing

Quick response code scans are giving consumers the ability to make payments quickly and easily. People living in Korea are now taking advantage of a new service that allows them to scan QR codes in convenience stores in order to make bill payments, pay their taxes, pay for health fees, and certain other expenses, even after normal bank business hours. This service based on quick response codes has been implemented by the u-billing service in the country. While this has been becoming increasingly common in Korea, the service has now…

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QR codes used to boost tourism in South Korea

QR codes South Korea

Seoul embraces QR codes for tourists Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is a very attractive tourist destination for people from all over the world. The city boasts of various attractions and iconic neighborhoods, such as Gangnam, that have been attracting people that are interested in the culture of the country. QR codes have been used throughout the country for the sake of mobile marketing to great effect, but now the codes are becoming more popular in the tourism sector. The streets of Seoul are becoming crowded with QR…

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QR codes in Seoul sidewalks and subways provide visitor assistance

South Korea qr codes

These South Korean quick response barcodes provide help such as a handy guide to the commuter trains. The city of Seoul, South Korea is using mobile technology in the form of QR codes in order to make itself more friendly to tourists, who can now use their smartphones and tablets to obtain visitor information such as the most recent subway guide. These barcodes were already being added to the now hyper famous neighborhood of Gangnam. The QR codes from the neighborhood made globally recognizable by PSY’s tremendously famous song are…

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QR codes give Seoul sidewalks Gangnam Style

The district in South Korea has received tremendous worldwide popularity since the video went viral. The Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea, now has another reason to draw the attention of mobile users, as the Gangnam Style video has now added QR codes to its arsenal of methods to increase its views. The song has generated a massive YouTube sensation that has spread multiple times around the world. The QR codes are made out of faux marble. Eight of them have been positioned into the sidewalk in various parts of the…

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