Catholic priests in France will be required to carry personalized QR codes

QR codes - A Priest using a tablet

The barcodes will be printed on cards they are required to keep with them so people can scan them. The new regulation states that Catholic priests in France must wear wallet-sized ID cards with QR codes so members of the public can scan the barcode and learn whether they have had their clerical status revoked, as is the case with those who are now known sexual offenders. The new barcodes are a part of a larger effort the country is making to crack down against offenders. Members of the public…

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QR code on Persil packs adds accessibility

QR code - Scanning a code

Unilever has announced that the barcodes will help people who are partially sighted or blind. Unilever has partnered with Zapvision to add a QR code to its Persil packs in order to make its products more accessible to customers who are partially sighted or blind. The barcode system was created by Zappar, a digital agency and member of AIPIA. The new partnership means that the special QR code is now available on Persil laundry detergent products that will be sold throughout the United Kingdom. While this technology was originally unveiled…

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Classroom QR codes to boost UNC Emergency Preparedness

QR codes - University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is using the barcodes and an app to improve safety. A group of University of North Carolina (UNC) faculty, including representatives from Campus Safety, University Police, the Center for Faculty Excellence, biology professor Kelly Hogan and others have developed and launch new emergency preparedness projects including classroom QR codes. The barcodes are placed on the podiums of large lecture halls to inform faculty in case of emergency. Scanning the QR codes provides the faculty member – or whoever else happens to be at the front…

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Rémy Martin celebrates 50th anniversary of hip-hop with QR codes

QR Codes - Bottle of Rémy Martin cognac

The barcodes direct scanners to features that place the spotlight on a broader showcase of Black culture. French company Rémy Martin, best known for its production and sale of cognac, has launched a new campaign celebrating the drink’s connection to Black culture and is using QR codes to help share information and features about hip-hop, which is generally believed to be turning 50 this year. The campaign includes a larger push than has previously been the case through VSOP Mixtape. The new campaign using QR codes is meant to highlight…

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QR codes help real estate agents offer an easier home buying process to customers

QR codes - Real Estate

Much of the experience of shopping for a place to live occurs online, and barcodes are helping. QR codes have seen quite a burst of popularity over the last three years and are now starting to find more standard places in people’s lives, including in their home-buying experience. Realtors have been using quick response codes to make it easier to share online information. From 2018 through 2020, the use of QR codes rose by an estimated 96 percent, and real estate agents didn’t fail to pay attention to the trend.…

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