QR codes used by Turner Falls to draw attention to itself

Turner Falls RiverCulture QR Codes turnersfallsriverculture dot org

The barcodes are being used in various locations around the Massachusetts town. Turner Falls, a part of the town of Montague, Massachusetts, is on its way to putting itself on the digital map by including QR codes to ensure that locals and visitors will be able to make their way around, understand what it is about, and see everything without missing the notable spots. The entire project is the result of a student’s thesis at Hampshire College. The QR codes are central to the Turner Falls RiverCulture organization, which is…

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QR codes featured on manhole covers in Japan

qr codes manholes

A growing number of cities around the world are using the barcodes to communicate with visitors. There has been a growing trend in cities worldwide that has included the use of QR codes in order to provide tourists and other visitors to the city with a larger amount of information. The barcodes have been added to locations frequented by visitors in many different countries. This is a clear indication that smartphones are becoming recognized as a highly common and heavily used tool in our everyday lives, not only in certain…

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QR codes used for Iloilo tourism mobile marketing

tourism qr codes

The barcodes can be scanned by smartphones and are a central part of the city’s promotions. Iloilo City has just announced that it will be QR codes implemented as a part of a considerable tourism campaign in order to make the city more appealing to visitors who carry smartphones. The city will also be releasing an app that can be used by tourists to scan the codes. The City Tourism Officer, Benito Jimena, explained that the QR codes will become active for Iloilo’s campaign with the launch of the Neo…

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QR codes initiative has officially been launched in Gainsville

QR code real estate sale

Downtown project for bringing in new businesses is now underway in the Georgia city. The official release of the QR codes project on Main Street Gainesville, Georgia, has now occurred, and the city has started the initiative by posting the barcodes on two vacant buildings. The barcodes are located on empty buildings located right on the square, so that smartphone users can scan them. Regina Mansfield, the Main Street Manager, said that the primary focus of Main Street is the economic development of this important stretch of the downtown area.…

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QR codes in Seoul sidewalks and subways provide visitor assistance

South Korea qr codes

These South Korean quick response barcodes provide help such as a handy guide to the commuter trains. The city of Seoul, South Korea is using mobile technology in the form of QR codes in order to make itself more friendly to tourists, who can now use their smartphones and tablets to obtain visitor information such as the most recent subway guide. These barcodes were already being added to the now hyper famous neighborhood of Gangnam. The QR codes from the neighborhood made globally recognizable by PSY’s tremendously famous song are…

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