iOS 17 is going to make it easier to scan QR codes

QR codes scanning - iOS 17

This fall, iPhone users are going to be able to use their phone cameras to scan more easily. Apple’s iOS 17 will be released this fall, and with it will come a feature that will make it easier for iPhone users to scan QR codes. The change has to do with a small but notable tweak to the upcoming version of Apple’s operating system. The iPhone Camera app’s support for scanning QR codes isn’t anything new. It was first launched with its iOS 11, several years ago. At that time,…

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Court lets individuals scan QR codes to pay their fines

scan qr codes judge court

The court in Jiangsu, China is using quick response codes to collect from people who have been avoiding payment. A court in the eastern province of Jiangsu, China has made it possible for people to scan QR codes to pay their fines. The strategy is meant to make it easier for individuals to pay by way of their smartphones. The court sees this strategy as an effective way to collect on fines due from those reluctant to pay. All people need to do to pay their outstanding fines and dues…

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QR codes to be used by Scan for a new link to the real world

Shark Tank qr codes Scan

Quick response codes could be the center of a new solution to bring digital and real environments together. Scan, a popular app for reading QR codes which gained a great deal of attention through its appearance on the Shark Tank reality show at the start of this year, is now stepping into the payments and identity ecosystems through the development of a new “Code Wallet”. This new feature is being added to the existing app so that users can store the codes that they have scanned. The new version of…

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QR codes give loot to Borderlands 2 players

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

Scanning the quick response code unlocks a great deal of loot within the mobile game. The new LootTheWorld app is now available for both iOS and Android players of the mobile game called Borderlands 2, giving them the chance to use QR codes to be able to gain even more loot that was already available within the application. Gamers can scan the quick response codes with the newly released application to unlock new opportunities. When the QR codes are scanned by other players who have the app, it is possible…

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Dynamic mobile marketing tools for any business, any budget: QR Codes

QR Codes in marketing

Powerful platform adds value to QR codes in marketing QR codes have become a prominent marketing tool and have proven that they are proficient in engaging mobile consumer in a dynamic way. The codes often receive some criticism because they are not generally well understood. The purpose of the codes is quite simple: They are used to provide consumers with access to information concerning products or to provide them with digital experiences they would not be able to access through conventional marketing tools. The 2d codes hold a great deal of…

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