Apple begins to dabble in smart watches

smart watch mobile

smart watch mobile Apple turns to smart watches to combat fatigue among consumers

Apple has established itself as a leader in the realm of mobile technology. Despite the company’s dominance in this sector, it has been seeing a phenomenon often referred to as “Apple fatigue” throughout the world. Consumers are becoming jaded when it comes to the mobile devices being produced by Apple. For the past several years, many of the company’s devices have, essentially, been the same, with only modest variations in features and size. The iPad represented the first significant change that Apple had made to its mobile technology approach, but the device still offered many of the same features that could be found on older iPhones.

Wearable technology could be valuable to consumers

In an effort to buck the growing trend of Apple fatigue, the company has set its sights on smart watches. These devices are wearable pieces of technology that have features that are common on most of the world’s smart phones products. Smart watches are not entirely new to the technology scene, with several ambitious technology companies dabbling in research and development for such devices. Apple believes that smart watches could be a new and highly valuable product for consumers that are showing signs of disinterest in traditional mobile devices.

Apple watches rumored to include NFC technology

Little information concerning Apple’s plans for smart watches is currently available, but the technology company has been working with manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry to develop new devices that go beyond the categories of smart phone and tablet. Apple is suggested to be working on a device that can be worn, will feature the company’s famous voice assistant Siri, and make use of NFC technology for the purpose of mobile payments. The inclusion of NFC technology and its use in mobile commerce does not align with Apple’s stance on the issue of mobile payments, however, as the company has been outspoken in its belief that NFC is not suitable for mobile transactions of any kind due to security issues. Interestingly, Corning, the company behind the durable Gorilla Glass that is used in Apple’s mobile devices, last year announced that it had successfully produced a bendable glass that could fit around any cylindrical structure, such as a person’s wrist. The major engineering accomplishment could be further evidence of what may be in store for Apple in the future.

Apple may be poised to compete with Project Glass

Apple is not alone in its interest in wearable technologies. Its main competitor in this field is Google, which has been working diligently to develop its auspicious Project Glass. Google is expected to release information concerning the technical specifications of Project Glass in the coming week, but the company’s announcement may be derailed by Apple’s ambitious concerning smart watches. The technology company has yet to release any concrete information concerning its endeavors, so time will tell whether Apple has plans to compete with Google’s Project Glass.

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