QR codes employed by German Maestro for consumer education

qr codes speaker german maestro

qr codes speaker german maestroThe speaker and audio technology company has enhanced its customer education program with barcodes.

German Maestro took the opportunity at CES to unveil a new program that has been created to assist retailers with more appealing and practical consumer education through the use of QR codes.

Last year, the company launched a different form of “Ask Me” program for retailers.

That system assisted their sales professionals in being able to better educate current and prospective customers who are interested in their products or who have questions about their technologies or brand.

This year’s extension of that effort combines the use of QR codes with informational videos.

According to Ray Windsor, the German Maestro USA president, “What we want to have happen is for the consumer, from the time he walks into the store until he is attended to by the sales person, to be occupied with something positive about the brand and the store where the consumer is standing.” The answer that the company found, was QR codes, the black and white squares that can be scanned with a smartphone.

By using the new customer education program, retailers will be able to spot QR codes on the German Maestro product displays. This allows them to be able to further their information about the product even when the sales representative has not yet had the opportunity to offer assistance.

By scanning the QR codes for these products, consumers will gain access to a 90 second video that provides further information about the items as well as an overall introduction to the German Maestro brand and the retailers with which it has partnered. Following the video, the smartphone user is redirected to a page that provides more detailed information about the product beside which the barcode was located.

Windsor expressed that the majority of the competition of German Maestro has competition that offers consumers a website that is geared directly toward making an online sale. However, he pointed out that his company’s strategy is slightly different, as it attempts to send consumers to the brick and mortar locations, as they feel that the true value is received by the consumer when he or she is exposed to the product and brand in person.

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