QR codes used by GM to share Chevy Volt information

Chevrolet QR Codes for Electric car

In response to the need for answers to many questions, the auto manufacturer has gone smartphone friendly.

The Chevy Volt, an electric vehicle, has been attracting a growing amount of attention since its release, so in response to the number of questions that consumers have about this new type of plug-in car, GM has created QR codes to help provide more information.

The barcodes can be scanned by smartphones to find out more about the vehicles and how they work.

The QR codes have been implemented to help GM to share more information about the Chevy Volt in a way that consumers will find simple and convenient. It is in the form of a sticker which has been applied to a number of different places. This includes the vehicles within the showroom.

The QR codes have also been distributed among some of the vehicle’s owners.

This way, people can scan the QR codes on the cars themselves, even when the owner is not present. This technique was applied because many of the vehicle owners, themselves, find that other people ask them questions about their vehicles. However, this benefits GM only at times when the owner is there or when he or she is actually willing and able to answer the questions.

By giving them the opportunity to add stickers with QR codes to their vehicles, people can receive the answers without having to ask the owner. In essence, this turns many Chevy Volts inChevrolet QR Codes for Electric carto their own mobile marketing campaigns. This is an extension of the owners materials that are already to provided, which include an attractive owners’ manual, in addition to 10 small information cards that can be distributed as people ask about the vehicle.

Owners are continually inundated with questions about their vehicles, so GM is seeing the benefit in being able to provide practical ways for these individuals to share accurate information to other people who are interested. Though the printed cards are helpful, the QR codes offer a much more unlimited option. The barcodes can be scanned as many times as needed, and they can provide a great deal more information than the small cards.

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