QR codes disappoint Westland Peppers in the Netherlands

qr codes on fruit produce

The low response that they achieved from their barcode campaign for consumers let them down. Fresh produce companies have been rapidly implementing campaigns where they use QR codes on their marketing and directly on their product packages and stickers, to encourage consumers to learn more about where their food comes from, how it can be used, stored, and prepared, and why it is a part of a nutritious diet. However, while other companies have enjoyed positive results, Westland Peppers does not consider themselves among them. The company, located in Holland…

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QR codes payment model for consumers may stem from billing program

QR codes mobile billing

NACHA is now looking into the proposal for this type of scheme that was first released in December. As the industry looks into the best way to use QR codes as a part of billing models and programs, the electronic payments organization from the United States, NACHA, is now investigating the proposal that was released in December 2012 that is meant to provide billers with the guidelines they need. These guidelines would help quick response barcodes to be used in a more standard fashion for billing. The proposal is entitled…

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QR codes employed by German Maestro for consumer education

qr codes speaker german maestro

The speaker and audio technology company has enhanced its customer education program with barcodes. German Maestro took the opportunity at CES to unveil a new program that has been created to assist retailers with more appealing and practical consumer education through the use of QR codes. Last year, the company launched a different form of “Ask Me” program for retailers. That system assisted their sales professionals in being able to better educate current and prospective customers who are interested in their products or who have questions about their technologies or…

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