Nothing says home like a QR code

Government House in Saskatchewan

Government House in Saskatchewan
QR codes have been showing up in Saskatchewan, Canada, much to the surprise of its residents. The codes have become a mobile marketing phenomenon but still remain mysterious, blocky symbols to many people all over the world.

While marketers continue to use the codes in advertising, the codes have caught the eye of the Saskatchewan government, who is eager to leverage interactive technologies to enhance the lives of citizens.

The Government House in Saskatchewan has hosted royalty and a number of prestigious dignitaries throughout its long history. While the building is still in use, it is now home to a historical museum, exhibiting the grandeur of the past. Now, QR codes are being introduced to a number of displays in the museum, a response to the growing number of visitors making use of smart phones.

The codes, when scanned, resolve to a mobile website specific to the item or display of interest. From there, visitors can find a breadth of information and share what they find with others.

Only recently have the codes begun showing up in Canada, but there is already an explosion of interest. Their ability to connect mobile-users with dynamic content is helping the codes gain popularity. While they have clear business application, the Canadian government is likely to expand their use of QR codes to a number of services aimed at making citizen’s lives more interesting.

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