Mobile marketing makes its way to the Space Needle

space needle mobile marketing

Tourism advertising has taken on the smartphone and tablet channel in Seattle.

Even tourist attractions that stand out beyond an entire urban center skyline can use some extra promotion and marketers for the Space Needle have chosen the mobile marketing channel as their next opportunity to draw tourists and locals, alike.

Despite the fact that the Space Needle stands out above everything else in the downtown core of Seattle, it needs promotions.

This could be seen as an important lesson for all tourism marketers, as even the most evident hotspots can benefit from digital and mobile marketing. For locations that are less visible, this could prove to be even more important to keeping tourists and their tourism dollars flowing in through the doors. Now, this iconic structure has once again taken on its role as a symbol of the promises and potential of the future.

A mobile marketing campaign has now been launched to help connect visitors in new and interactive ways.

space needle mobile marketingThe Space Needle was first constructed in 1962. It was built for the World’s Fair’s Age of Space and was meant to be symbolic of the future and the promises that it holds. Now it is part of a smartphone friendly experience that is designed to “inspire urban explorers and connect visitors to the sights and experiences of the Pacific Northwest in ways that, until now, could only be imagined.”

The Space Needle Mobile App has now been launched to allow visitors to the Space Needle to download and obtain a combination of a guide and a memory book for their trip to the attraction. The application is a unique promotional tool that allows users to benefit from an enhanced experience.

It provides users with a look at historical events that is built around augmented reality technology. This way, users are able to obtain an entirely different view of the city with another layer of information set on top of what is truly there. Moreover, it also provides assistance in locating some of the other key sights in town. This mobile marketing campaign and app is centered around the Space Needle but acts as a guide to many of the other beloved features in the city, as well.

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