Mobile marketing makes its way to the Space Needle

space needle mobile marketing

Tourism advertising has taken on the smartphone and tablet channel in Seattle. Even tourist attractions that stand out beyond an entire urban center skyline can use some extra promotion and marketers for the Space Needle have chosen the mobile marketing channel as their next opportunity to draw tourists and locals, alike. Despite the fact that the Space Needle stands out above everything else in the downtown core of Seattle, it needs promotions. This could be seen as an important lesson for all tourism marketers, as even the most evident hotspots…

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QR codes help tourists to learn as they visit Gibraltar

St. Michael's Cave now using QR codes to help educate tourists

Links to Wikipedia to help keep visitors informed about what they see. Gibraltar’s tourism has recognized the fact that many of its visitors are now armed with smartphones and tablets, and that QR codes can help to provide them with a great deal of information about what they’re seeing when they visit. St. Michael’s Cave, one of the top attractions in the city, now boasts a mobile barcode to scan. Monmouth, a U.K. town, has paved the way for Gibraltar’s tourism strategy, which allows visitors to scan QR codes in…

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