Augmented reality windshield concept among Jaguar’s projects

augmented reality windshield jaguar land rover

The automaker is developing an interactive display for its Land Rover for an AR experience.

A recent report has revealed that Jaguar has a new augmented reality windshield concept in the works and that it is designing this interactive display in order to be used in its Land Rover line of vehicles.

The windshield provides an entirely different experience for the driver, with a range of different features.

The goal is to create an “augmented reality experience” that offers a feel somewhat like a racing video game, but that is designed with the safety of the driver and passengers in mind. For example, while it may provide the appearance of dashed lines on a roadway, they are not there to help a driver feel more excitement or to go faster. Instead they indicate where, for instance, it would be best to brake when a sharp curve is on its way.

This augmented reality windshield is also designed to help to assist in teaching new drivers.

Among the AR tools that the display would provide is to create virtual hazard cones along the edge of the road, in order to provide new drivers with an improved ability to judge where the vehicle is with respect to the edges of the lane.

Moreover, the system also provides a “‘ghost car’ visualization”. This provides drivers with the opportunity to use a safe course to race other vehicles and compete for the best lap time as they would in video games, only under safer overall circumstances. They would compete against virtual drivers, instead of real ones, or compete against other real drivers, only with improved road safety capabilities.

A spokesperson from Jaguar Land Rover explained that “The virtual windscreen is a concept at the moment, as the technology doesn’t exist today to utilize the entire windscreen as a HUD”. This allows a driver to enjoy the advantages of a heads-up display experience from the windshield instead of having to wear a helmet or headband of some sort.

Jaguar is currently working alongside its suppliers in order to be able to develop this augmented reality tech. That said, as exciting as this may sound, it shouldn’t be expected in the automaker’s upcoming models. They don’t feel that it will be ready to reach production for about a decade.

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