Starbucks finds more success in mobile commerce

business starbucks mobile commerce

Company continues to see success through its innovative mobile application

Starbucks has found a great deal of success in its mobile commerce endeavors. The company has been trying to embrace mobile consumers for some time, launching various marketing and engagement initiatives throughout the years. These initiatives have been met with varying degrees of success, but introducing consumers to mobile payments has been the most successful initiative from the company to date. According to CEO Howard Schultz, Starbucks is now supporting some 12 million active users through its mobile application in the U.S. and Canada.

App allows customers to place orders and pay for products directly from their mobile device

Through the Starbucks app, customers can pay for products using nothing more than their mobile device. The app also offered rewards to those that used it to pay for products. A new feature that allows customers to place orders directly from their mobile device was also introduced to the application recently, adding yet more convenience to the platform. Starbucks has been able to leverage the convenient nature of mobile commerce to great effect.

Mobile payments are becoming more popular among consumers that want to take advantage of convenient services

business starbucks mobile commerceStarbucks has kept track of the mobile commerce trend, seeing more consumers use their smartphones and tablets to show with every passing year. These consumers have shown that they are quite willing to spend money through their mobile devices as long as they can do so easily. As such, the Starbucks app has been designed with ease-of-access in mind. This approach has allowed Starbucks to establish an unexpectedly powerful presence in the mobile commerce field in a relatively short amount of time.

Starbucks generates $1 billion in mobile payment revenue in 2013 thanks to the surprising success of its mobile application

Starbucks is somewhat reserved when it comes to the amount of revenue it generates through mobile payments. In 2013, it was estimated that the company hit $1 billion in mobile payment revenue through its application. The app processes millions of dollars in payments on a daily basis, from which Starbucks takes a small fee.

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