Microsoft shows off their new augmented reality mirror called Holoflector

Holoflector Demo

Microsoft is currently working on a new type of augmented reality system that could change the way people see themselves. The famed technology company showed off a series of prototypes this week at the Microsoft TechForum event in Redmond, Washington, for their new augmented reality mirror called the “Holoflector.” While the name may sound a little corny, the technology behind the system is the true star. Microsoft claims that their system is one of the most advanced AR systems and was eager to show off how it worked.

The Holoflector is basically a mirror. It functions in the same way a normal mirror would, but there is a staggering amount of technology concealed behind the glass. Behind the glass is a large LED panel which is fed images from a Kinect camera that can be found at the top of the mirror. The mirror’s translucent glass allows virtual displays to be painted on the LED panel without them being obscured from the users view.

According to Microsoft, this system can be used to display a variety of information to the user. This information could include anything from appointments, current news and health tips. The most notable feature of the Holoflector is that it can be used with the Windows Phone. When linked to the phone, the Holoflector creates a holographic image of the person being called.

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