QR code patent between Microsoft and Neomedia draws more attention to the barcodes

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

This could also mean the end to the Microsoft Tag in mcommerce, once and for all. Just as Apple prepares to unveil its own Passbook QR code based service, it appears as though Microsoft has also focused its attention on mcommerce barcodes, with the help of Neomedia. That latter company has just announced that it has granted worldwide rights to license its patent portfolio. Among those to benefit from the 74 QR code patents that are contained within Neomedia, is Microsoft. The financial details of the deal between the two…

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Microsoft shows off their new augmented reality mirror called Holoflector

Holoflector Demo

Microsoft is currently working on a new type of augmented reality system that could change the way people see themselves. The famed technology company showed off a series of prototypes this week at the Microsoft TechForum event in Redmond, Washington, for their new augmented reality mirror called the “Holoflector.” While the name may sound a little corny, the technology behind the system is the true star. Microsoft claims that their system is one of the most advanced AR systems and was eager to show off how it worked. The Holoflector…

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Microsoft announces a new series of CRM mobile apps

Microsoft mobile secrurity Outlook app

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a number of new mobile apps designed for its CRM software, taking aim at clients such as Windows Phone 7, Android 2.2 and higher, iOS, and BlackBerry. It has scheduled this release for 2012’s second quarter, as an element of the regular customer relationship management (CRM) service update from Microsoft, which will also expand on the browser support that already exists through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and will function on Windows PCs, as well as Macs and iPads. According to…

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2012 top tech trends that will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual business event where many of the announcements about the very latest in mobile, computing, video game consoles and a great deal more are made, and this year’s Las Vegas event will be no exception to this rule. The only element missing from the CES has been Apple devices which, since 2007, when it introduced the iPhone, have been revealed alongside but not at the event. Therefore, experts from around the world watch this show to find out where technology will be headed throughout…

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Augmented reality lens from Microsoft and the University of Washington in the final stages of development

Augmented Reality contact lens

Microsoft and the University of Washington are in the final stages of development for a new augmented reality project that may change the way people see the world. Early last year, the duo announced that they were working on an augmented reality contact lens. The lens could be used to enhance human vision like normal contact lenses, but it could also augment a person’s vision with digital information. Microsoft claims that the project will show just how practical augmented reality really is. Augmented reality is commonly used in the marketing…

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