Microsoft is bringing a Dynamics 365 app to Android and iOS devices

Dynamics 365 App - Dynamics 365 Remote Assist App for Android - Microsoft

The tech giant is launching its Windows Mixed Reality platform onto mobile phones. Microsoft has unveiled its new Dynamics 365 app which is expected to be available for preview for Android Phones and Apple iOS devices in April. Each platform will preview a different app. There will be a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist application for Android and a Dynamics 365 Product Visualize application for iOS. So far, the apps are focused on businesses not consumers. More specifically, the company is launching the new Dynamics 365 AI and mixed reality applications…

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Mobile banking fraud detected in seconds with new Microsoft AI solution

Mobile banking fraud - Microsoft Technology - Microsoft building

Artificial intelligence (AI) tech can flag fraudulent transactions within two seconds. With an increased number of consumers banking on their smartphones, mobile banking fraud is becoming a growing concern. American multi-national tech giant, Microsoft, announced that its Azure AI technology can help with the growing fraud problem by detecting fraudulent transactions within two seconds of it occurring. The SIM Swap attack problem. The vast majority of mobile fraud occurs via a SIM swat attack, according to Microsoft. During this attack, the victim’s mobile number is hacked and cloned, allowing the…

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Microsoft protects Office mobile apps with BlackBerry security

Blackberry Security - Mobile Security

The software giant has partnered with the former handset manufacturer to make its suite safer. Microsoft has entered into a new partnership to add BlackBerry security to its Office apps. The goal is to improve the security level of its popular suite of mobile apps. It will be adding the applications to the BlackBerry Dynamics container software. The new partnership between Microsoft and BlackBerry was first announced last week. Microsoft will be adding BlackBerry security to ensure that customers know they can safely use their apps. Among the Microsoft Office…

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QR code scanner added to Bing Search app

bing qr code scanner mobile optimized search microsoft

The quick response code reader and image search are some of the top new features of the application. The Bing Search app from Microsoft has just received a considerable update that has brought a number of new features to its offerings, which include a built-in QR code scanner as well as the opportunity to use image search. It’s important to note that the upgrade for this mobile application are currently available only in the U.S. While the go-to option for the majority of people when searching for something online –…

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Microsoft adds QR codes to help Windows 10 users with dreaded blue screen

blue screen of death qr codes example not true image

The quick response codes are displayed along with a sad face when the operating system fails. Among the many different overhauls and makeovers Microsoft has been giving its products, it has now added QR codes to its blue screen – the dreaded display screen that occurs when the operating system has had an all-out crash. The facelift to the so-called “Blue Screen of Death” includes a sad face in addition to a quick response code. Some who have already installed the Build 14316 Windows 10 preview have already seen the…

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The Mall aims to make mobile commerce more dynamic

xbox mobile commerce augmented reality

Xbox One now features The Mall, an online store that leverages numerous technologies Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One can now visit a virtual mall, through which they can purchase products using nothing more than their mobile device. Aptly named “The Mall,” the new feature was developed with the aid of Von Bismark, a prominent e-commerce organization, and Powa Technologies. The Mall will also make use of the Microsoft Kinect, giving consumers a more dynamic way to shop for products online by leveraging the power of augmented reality. Kinect allows shoppers…

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Mobile technology trends are often driven by employees

education, mobile technology adoption, business, startup and office

In South Africa, more than 95 percent of workers are currently using mobile devices for business purposes. The South African economy is one of the prime examples of the way that mobile technology is not only making its way into the workplace, but also of the way in which employees are having an important impact on the trends within that category. The results of a recent survey conducted by Dell and Microsoft show the vast majority of employees use mobile. The survey indicated that 95 percent of all employees in…

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Microsoft redesigns its Bing page for mobile technology

bing qr code scanner mobile optimized search microsoft

The search site for smartphones and tablets now has a much more sleek and attractive appearance. Microsoft has now launched a brand new redesign of its Bing search engine site for mobile technology that is meant to reflect the attractive visual appearance of the version that had been created for desktop. The tech giant recreated the look of its smartphone friendly version in order to add similar imagery. The Bing homepage for mobile technology has now been recreated by Microsoft so that it has the same treatment as the desktop…

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Microsoft may be breaking into mobile payments

Mobile Payments service

Reports suggest that new company could be Microsoft’s first step into the mobile commerce market Microsoft may be building its own mobile payments service. There have been reports that Microsoft has established a new company, called Microsoft Payments, which may represent the company’s first step into the world of mobile commerce. Microsoft Payments has reportedly obtained a license from the Idaho Department of Finance, which would allow it to process transactions made over a mobile platform, which has yet to be announced officially. Microsoft Payments is seeking licensing from states…

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Survey presents some interesting data about wearable technology

wearable technology watch mobile commerce

New survey aims to gauge consumer interest in wearable devices coming from certain brands PricewaterhousCoopers, a multinational professional services network, has released the results of a new survey concerning wearable technology. The survey has collected information from 1,000 respondents and is meant to gauge consumer interest in wearable devices coming from various brands. Over the past few years, there has been some question as to whether or not consumers would show any interest in wearable devices. Because these devices offer few features that cannot be found on a conventional smartphone,…

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Augmented reality “RoomAlive” from Microsoft is a game change

roomalive augmented reality

This experience turns a player’s living room into the environment of the game, itself. The research division from Microsoft has stepped up its efforts from last year’s “Illumiroom”, which it demoed at CES, having come back with “RoomAlive”, which converts a living room into an augmented reality space with a highly interactive experience. The concept of Illumiroom was impressive, but in essence, it was strictly an extension of the game field of view. The rest of the game was projected onto the floor and the surrounding walls for Illumiroom. RoomAlive,…

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