M-commerce research from comScore reveals important consumer trends

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The company is now offering a new unified view of smartphone and tablet shopping behaviors.

comScore has just announced that it is now offering a new and unified view of the m-commerce and web use habits of consumers as they browse, research, and purchase over their mobile devices.

The new Digital Analytix Multi-Platform has been designed to help to enhance revenue and brand loyalty.

comScore Inc. has just launched this new Digital Analytix Multi-Platform, which is a web and mobile analytics system that reveals customer behaviors as these consumers alternate among online desktop and m-commerce over smartphones and tablets. This service has been constructed on the foundation of the Digital Analytix service already in existence with comScore.

m-commerce report statisticsThe new service allows companies to understand the online and m-commerce behaviors of their customers.

This is meant to assist businesses in being able to comprehend just how consumers are interacting with them over various channels. Customers, after all, don’t simply stick to one device. Instead, they use their computers, tablets, and smartphones for e- and m-commerce activities, depending on what they’re doing and where they are.

The new service helps to apply the multi-platform expertise that has been developed by comScore in order to allow businesses to build a more thorough understanding of the behavior of their customers across online and m-commerce platforms, said comScore.

The company’s vice president, Jodi McDermott, said that “ComScore has been at the forefront in solving the complex technological and methodological issues associated with digital consumers shifting from screen to screen.” McDermott went on to add that “We are now bringing this expertise to enterprise analytics to help publishers and retailers understand the behavior of their customers across platforms.”

Also pointed out by McDermott was that by applying greater logic and sophistication to “associate disparate multi-platform engagements” with one customer, the new comScore product gives a greater and more thorough level of understanding of the complete journey of the customer from acquisition to conversion, regardless of whether e-commerce or m-commerce – or both – were utilized. This offers greater accuracy so that businesses can better cater to consumer behaviors and enhance the experience provided.

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