Mobile commerce must provide positive experience

Mobile commerce

As the channel becomes more popular, research is showing that the customer experience is vital. The more people conduct price comparisons and research products using mobile commerce websites with their smartphones, the greater the importance of a positive experience for those consumers, as the results can be detrimental to a brand or company. The latest research is showing that positive experiences will have them coming back, but negative ones are the opposite. This is particularly true when it comes to people making actual purchases over mobile commerce. When an individual…

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M-commerce research from comScore reveals important consumer trends

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The company is now offering a new unified view of smartphone and tablet shopping behaviors. comScore has just announced that it is now offering a new and unified view of the m-commerce and web use habits of consumers as they browse, research, and purchase over their mobile devices. The new Digital Analytix Multi-Platform has been designed to help to enhance revenue and brand loyalty. comScore Inc. has just launched this new Digital Analytix Multi-Platform, which is a web and mobile analytics system that reveals customer behaviors as these consumers alternate…

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M-commerce is receiving an important boost from mobile coupons

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This form of advertising is encouraging more people to look to their smartphones when they shop. In 2010, m-commerce made up only 3 percent of online shopping as a whole, but by the time the end of the 2012 holiday season arrived, that figure had spiked upward to reach 11 percent, which represented approximately $18 billion in consumer spending. Mobile merchandising trends are rapidly changing and consumers are catching on very rapidly. These new mobile marketing trends are starting to focus on bringing very practical and attractive elements to m-commerce.…

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M-commerce is greatly benefiting from the popularity of mobile coupons

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These discount opportunities are driving consumers to use the channel on an increasing basis. There is no doubt that m-commerce is growing very quickly, as it represented 3 percent of online shopping in late 2010, and rose to 11 percent by the close of the holiday shopping season last year – according to comScore data. This means that it brought in $18.6 billion in consumer spending last year (excluding travel). Now, various techniques are being analyzed to understand what the main drivers of m-commerce truly are. Among them, mobile coupons…

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M-commerce typically happens in non-metropolitan areas

Ebay m-commerce News

A recent eBay marketplace study showed that half of mobile purchases occur outside metro centers. eBay has just released the results of one of its most recent surveys, which have indicated that 49 percent of m-commerce users – that is, about half of the people who participated in its study – are not from metropolitan areas. The survey involved the participation of 1,345 Indian people who are mobile users. This is the first study that eBay has conducted regarding the use of m-commerce in India. For the purposes of the…

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M-commerce explodes among wealthy consumers


Affluent shoppers are embracing the use of their smartphones for influencing purchases. Unity Marketing has released the results of their latest research, which has shown that over half of all affluent consumers use m-commerce for helping to making their purchasing decisions, including for making dinner reservations, travel bookings, and others. This is a massive increase over the same figure in 2011, which had been only 25 percent. This research will be very important for businesses that are targeting shoppers who are patrons of high end shops and brands. It shows…

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M-commerce statistics have increased this year

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A recent survey has shown that while the channel is on the rise, there are still barriers to be faced. The results of a recent study conducted by Stibo Systems in their 2013 Consumer Retail Survey have shown that the number of purchases made over m-commerce have increased by 19 percent within the last year. Over the last year, purchases made over smartphones have increased considerably, says the study. The research indicates that they increased from 40 percent to 59 percent within the 12 months prior to the study. At…

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M-commerce is looking very promising for years to come


The latest data is showing that the future of the channel is looking quite bright and appealing. Mobile phones have become the most commonly used electronic devices on the planet, with a recent U.N. study showing that there is greater access to them around the world than there is to toilets, which is bad news for sanitation but quite promising for m-commerce. Predictions have shown that there are currently between 6 and 7 billion of the devices currently in use. While the U.N.’s study said that approximately 6 billion people…

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M-commerce will help to bring online shopping to $370 billion in the US


The predictions from Forrester Research are that it will reach this level before the close of 2017 Forrester Research has released the details of its latest study, which have indicated that m-commerce will play a vital role in the astronomical growth of ecommerce over the next few years in the United States. The report said that this will be fueled by the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones among consumers across the country. So far, they have shown that sales over ecommerce are on pace to experience a considerable annual…

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M-commerce study shows college students are heavy users

m-commerce colleget students

Recently released research has shown that this demographic is gluttonous for smartphone shopping. The results of a new study have just been released, which have shown that American college students are tremendously fond of using their smartphones and tablets to research m-commerce deals and discounts that are available to them online. Those pursuing higher education are also using high tech gadgets to save money while shopping. Among the participants in this m-commerce study, it was shown that 90 percent were using their devices to search for coupons and other kinds…

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M-commerce sales report shows high 2012 figures

United Kingdom mobile commerce

A report from a benchmarking company in the United Kingdom shows £7.5 billion in sales. According to the results of 2012 as reported by IMRG Capgenmini Quarterly Benchmarking, from the United Kingdom, m-commerce sales broke the £7.5 billion mark. To many, this has signaled the true beginning of the mainstream use of this channel by consumers. The internet trade organization reported that in 2012, m-commerce sales made up 12 percent of the overall online shopping revenue in the United Kingdom. This was a massive increase over 2011, when that same…

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