Vogue Australia adopts QR codes to reach out to mobile consumers

Vogue Video

The print industry continues to acclimate to a world growing more enthralled with technology. Magazine publishers are beginning to realize that they must adapt to this changing world or risk being left behind by consumers. Mobile technology can be intimidating for an industry that has, until very recently, been almost entirely separate from technology. QR codes have, however, provided the industry with a way to break into mobile technology without having to battle the steep learning curve.

Vogue Australia has included a QR code in its latest issue, hoping to engage a growing base of consumers who are increasingly reliant on mobile technology. The code is used as part of the magazine’s cover story featuring Karlie Kloss, an American model and ballet dancer. Vogue’s American imprint has been using the codes for some time now and the success thus far has encouraged the magazine to expand its use of the codes.


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When scanned, the code takes smart phone users to a mobile website where they can find an exclusive video featuring Karlie Kloss (seen above). The video can also be found from the Vogue Australia website.

QR codes are simple to use, which makes them attractive for companies that have limited experience in the world of mobile technology. Vogue is the latest magazine publisher that has adopted the codes as a way to engage mobile consumers. Given the rampant pace at which the popularity of the codes is growing, Vogue is not likely to be the last magazine to adopt the codes.

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