Research from Scanbuy shows American marketers increasing awareness and adoption rates for QR codes

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QR Code Marketing
Scanbuy, Inc., the company that developed the mobile barcode platform called ScanLife, has released the findings from their quantitative research that demonstrated the sizeable adoption rate and awareness of QR codes and other two dimensional barcodes among American marketers throughout a broad spectrum of industries.

Respondents included over 100 marketers that represented businesses both large and small from industries ranging from retail to healthcare, and entertainment. It indicated that half of all key decision makers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their marketing strategies, and that an additional 86 percent have intentions of using this technology for upcoming advertising campaigns.

The research was performed through the SurveyBuilder platform at uSamp, which involves the participation of an audience of more than five million panelists worldwide. The results have identified new information from the perspective of the marketer which can now be utilized for building a better comprehension of the rate by which QR codes are being adopted, as well as how the campaigns that use them are being implemented and evaluated.

The Scanbuy survey also made the following findings:

• There is very little difference between the adoption rates of large companies (95 percent) and small businesses (89 percent).

• Open source code formats are used by 61 percent, with QR codes being used by the largest percentage (45 percent), followed by Datamatrix (16 percent), Microsoft Tag (14 percent), EZcode (12 percent), and Snap Tag (11 percent).

• The top three uses for these 2D barcodes are to link to: information about a product or service, promotions, and discount coupon offers.

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