Tesco embraces augmented reality

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Updated application taps into the power of augmented reality

UK retail giant Tesco has made an update to its Tesco Discover application. The application was designed to improve the shopping experience for consumers and has been relatively popular among tech-savvy people throughout the United Kingdom. Now, the application will leverage augmented reality to further enhance the shopping experience. Using the application, shoppers will be able to access a wide range of dynamic augmented reality content that is designed to provide consumers with information and entertainment.

Mobile shopping is becoming commonplace

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more common among shoppers, especially as mobile commerce grows more prolific. In order to engage consumers that have become heavily reliant on their devices, retailers have been working to find ways to incorporate augmented reality and other interactive technologies into their marketing and in-store initiatives. Augmented reality and QR codes have become Tesco’s favored engagement tools and both have proven quite successful in catching the attention of tech-savvy mobile consumers.

Augmented Reality Campaign for TescoTesco application can also scan QR codes

The Tesco Discover application will not only leverage the power of augmented reality, of course. The application is equipped with QR code scanning capabilities. Tesco often uses QR codes to provide consumers with additional information concerning a wide range of products. These codes can also be used to facilitate mobile commerce, initiating payments when they are scanned. Tesco is also working to develop a range of augmented reality content that can increase the value of its application.

Tesco shows interest in mobile commerce

Tesco has been working to establish a strong foothold in the mobile space for some time. While the retailer does hold sway with mobile consumers, the company is eager to bolster its influence, especially in regards to mobile commerce. Tesco has launched several mobile commerce initiatives in the UK and other countries in order to accomplish its goals. Some of these initiatives have introduced QR codes to the world of mobile commerce, showing that the codes can be an effective sales tool.

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