NFC technology used by Nokia and LOCATEL

Nokia NFC mobile technology

The partnership is bringing the tech to the hotel industry for greater ease of service for customers.

Nokia and LOCATEL announced at the Dubai Hotel Show that they will be using NFC technology tags as a new way for guests to be able to both purchase and access hotel services throughout their stays.

These tags are meant to appeal to the growing number of hotel guests who travel with enabled smartphones.

NFC technology isn’t actually all that new, as it has been in existence for several years, but it is only just now starting to take off, with a current growth rate of availability in smartphone models of 300 percent every year. Nokia and LOCATEL are hoping to work together to take advantage of this fact and put those devices to work for people who are staying and hotels and want an easier and more convenient experience during their stay.

Nokia NFC technologyThe NFC technology tags have a great deal of potential for the hotel industry as well as their customers.

These NFC technology tags will give customers the opportunity to use their smartphones to interact with panels located in the reception area, in the hotel lobby, as well as in business centers. They will also be installed into the individual guestrooms to make it possible for personalized services to be accessed.

According to the Nokia Developer’s relationship and app store director, Yannick Debaupte, “NFC technologies are included in most of the late 2013 Nokia Lumia range of mobile phones, thus opening up possibilities for many new interactions.” Debaupte added that “We are pleased to support LOCATEL in developing applications for the hospitality industry and to demonstrate together the extent to which the guest experience can be enriched, improved and simplified by the implementation of NFC.”

Through the use of NFC technology within hotels, it means that guests will be able to expect a more convenient completion of a request or order, a faster response time, in addition to automatic authentication. At the moment, these tags can already be tapped in participating locations in order to allow customers to download apps, call a taxi, or view mobile TV.

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