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Our reporters will bring you the very latest in this five day long Las Vegas event.

This year, for the second annual Money 2020, QR Code Press will be in attendance, with reporters bringing you the very latest from every day of the event, which runs from October 6 through October 10.

These writers will be navigating the various parts of the events among almost 4,000 other attendees.

The official Money 2020 website has predicted that there will be more than 300 CEOs in attendance, from among more than 1,250 different countries representing approximately 50 countries from around the world. You can count on QR Code Press to keep you up to date with the very latest news live from the event itself. Here, you will discover all of the very latest retail, advertising and marketing, and mobile commerce developments in payments, reported live from the event where they were announced.

Expect to hear the latest innovations in NFC, QR code, and other mobile payments technologies.mobile payments business industry

Throughout the five days in which Money 2020 is taking place in Las Vegas, this year, the event will be filled to the brim with fascinating exhibits, unique content, and the opportunity for participants to network. The official website has explained that the opportunity to interact in person will be beneficial in a way that cannot be replicated in any other location.

The 2013 Money 2020 event is the “largest gathering of innovators in Emerging Payments & Financial Services, globally,” says the website. The reporters from QR Code Press will be there and will share the latest news, innovations, and announcements that are revealed about the latest in digital and mobile payments technologies and products. This information is important to everyone from startups to established businesses, for keeping ahead of the curve and making sure that the competition never has the advantage.

This holiday season is predicted to be the most important in mobile payments and commerce, and the decisions made by retailers and other businesses throughout this time will help to determine the path that they will take and their chances for success into a mobile future. QR Code Press will report on each of the developments that are central to this progress to make sure that you are always in the forefront of the latest knowledge.

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