PayPal backs their new mobile payments wallet platform with QR codes

paypal mobile payments app - money2020

The goal of the service is to be able to provide a smooth and seamless omni-channel experience. At the 2013 Money2020 event in Las Vegas, the vice president of retail and prepaid products at PayPal, Don Kingsborough, provided the team from QR Code Press with considerable insight into the goals and future of the service in the smartphone and tablet sphere. Kingsborough referred to the use of these devices as “connected commerce”, which offers notable convenience. Speaking on that subject, he explained that mobile payments as a part of connected…

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Cellum unveils new technology that makes QR codes safer

cellum motion qr codes

New technology brings more security to QR codes Cellum, a leading developer of mobile payments applications, has revealed new technology that could make QR codes forgery proof. The technology is called “Motion QR” and is meant to make electronic tickets immune to forgery. QR codes have become a popular tool for ticketing and are often used for public transportation purposes as well as for tickets for sporting events. Like physical tickets, electronic tickets are often targeted by malicious groups that seek to make a profit through forgery. Cellum’s new technology…

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Mobile payments and Google Wallet’s future explained at Money 2020

Mobile Payments - Peter Hazlehurst wearing Google Glass at Money 2020

Ariel Bardin and Peter Hazlehurst presented and described the massive and far reaching value of the mobile space. The Google Wallet presentation at Money 2020 in Las Vegas had attendees on the edge of their seats as Ariel Bardin, the vice president of Google payments, placed a tremendous spotlight on the future of the mobile payments service and on the importance of being in the mobile space. He used the example of the Google AdWords platform and the data delivered to companies. Bardin explained the idea that the AdWords platform…

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Mobile security weaknesses revealed at Money 2020 in Vegas

Money 2020 - First Day - Mobile Security

The general message from the speakers is that awareness will be critical to smartphone payments adoption and success. According to Money 2020 speaker David Abouchar, the senior director of product management at the online and mobile security firm called ControlScan, fraud is among the top barriers to the adoption of smartphone based payments and wallets. According to Abouchar, there are 10 billion acts of fraud on an annual basis. David Abouchar underscored the following important points regarding fraud and mobile security: • What merchants understand of the payment card industry…

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Mobile payments tokenization standard sought by credit card giants

mobile commerce payments smartphone shopping

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have announced their new proposed framework. The three credit card giants, Visa, MasterCard and American Express have unveiled a newly proposed framework for a global standard that would boost digital and mobile payments security, and that would simplify the experience of completing a transaction while shopping over a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other connected device. The lack of a standard of this nature has been considered a considerable barrier to m-commerce. By developing a global standard, it will make it possible for a whole new…

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