QR codes campaign is now underway for Newcastle Brown Ale

qr codes beer tap

qr codes beer tap newcastleThe mobile marketing effort is based on making a mockery of common consumer stereotypes.

Newcastle Brown Ale is starting a new campaign using mobile video and QR codes to help attract the eye of consumers as they mock common stereotypes that many people currently hold about beer that is crafted by hand.

The playful mobile marketing campaign is used to be both amusing and informative.

For instance, one of the common beliefs is that this type of beer is hard to find and that it is available only at a very specific and select number of bars. It is spreading the word by placing QR codes on bar tap handles in locations where their products are already available.

When scanned, the QR codes promote a call to action for the consumer to find the closest Newcastle.

When the consumers scan those QR codes, they are encouraged to find the closest place that Newcastle is served. They are then directed to a landing page that features an arrow pointing to the beer tap handle which reads “There it is”. This is displayed in the form of a mobile marketing video.

The campaign is also stepping beyond the QR codes in order to run pre-rolls on various different sites, such as The Onion, Comedy Central, and YouTube. The purpose is to better distribute their video content.

Furthermore, Newcastle has also broadened its mobile presence through the development of an optimized website for smartphones. This allows consumers to be able to interact with various branded videos so that they can discover more about the brewery’s different products. The current campaign is focused on pushing a new beer line of 14.9 ounce cans. These products are available across the nation and are being sold in packages of 10.

From the outside, the campaign appears to have a number of different positive concepts in place, such as applying QR codes and integrating them with the use of fun and amusing videos. When a more detailed look is taken at this mobile marketing strategy it is clear that it has been carefully constructed for relevancy but not too much complexity.

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