QR codes campaign is now underway for Newcastle Brown Ale

qr codes beer tap

The mobile marketing effort is based on making a mockery of common consumer stereotypes. Newcastle Brown Ale is starting a new campaign using mobile video and QR codes to help attract the eye of consumers as they mock common stereotypes that many people currently hold about beer that is crafted by hand. The playful mobile marketing campaign is used to be both amusing and informative. For instance, one of the common beliefs is that this type of beer is hard to find and that it is available only at a…

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Interesting and crazy ways QR codes are being used by top designers

qr code video

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and are being used in creative ways and by top designers. With the increasing popularity of QR codes, these two dimensional barcodes that otherwise seem rather drab, are finding themselves a part of some very cool and creative displays and uses and are being incorporated into the campaigns of some of the top designers. A tattoo artist in Paris, France, named Karl Marc has came up with the idea of creating a QR code that is permanently inked into a person’s skin, and even…

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JCPenney launched new QR code campaign to boost mobile commerce

JC Penney Mobile Marketing

Earlier this year, retailer JCPenney launched a mobile marketing campaign that made use of QR codes. The company has since grown enamored with the concept of mobile commerce and has continued to expand their use of QR codes. The company has now launched a new website where consumers can shop for clothing and make purchases online using their smart phones. The codes associated with this new site have been embedded in several print publications, such as the magazine Cosmopolitan. With smart phones continuing to show remarkable growth amongst consumers, more…

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